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The JoongAng Media Network (JMnet) is Korea's most prominent multimedia group.
It offers a wide range of media services, including in print newspapers, television broadcasting and
the Internet. It is the parent company of 26 subsidiaries and employs around 2700 professionals. JMnet's core business is its newspapers.
Since its inception in 1965, JoongAng Ilbo has consistently been the most comprehensive news provider in Korea and a leading innovator in the local news industry. In addition to successfully creating its News and Special Investigative Reports section, JoongAng Ilbo also began publishing the nation's only Sunday newspaper this year.

JoongAng Ilbo currently boasts a weekday circulation of 1.8 million. Its strong, in in-depth coverage of economy and life style has attracted a large number of young professional readers. Moreover, many opinion leaders in the Metropolitan Seoul area depend on JoongAng Ilbo for the latest and the most reliable news.
JMnet is Korea's foremost globally-oriented multimedia conglomerate.
In affiliation with the world-renowned International Herald Tribune, JMnet publishes the JoongAng Daily. Furthermore, it currently publishes Korean editions of The Economist, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Newsweek, and a Japanese edition of Women's JoongAng, and lastly, a Taiwanese edition of Sure.

JMnet also broadcasts the Cartoon Network in affiliation with CNN. Along with its American headquarters in Los Angeles,
it also operates 5 regional branches within the U.S.
Having created the very first Internet newspaper in Asia (, JMnet has retained its position as the number one news media website.
It is also leading the pack in providing news through newly developed media such as Mobile, Satellite DMB, and IP TV.
JMnet is also actively involved with social and cultural enterprises in Korea. It was the first to publish NIE (Newspaper in Education), and has sponsored award ceremonies for various performing arts. It also hosts the internationally recognized Annual JoongAng Seoul Marathon.

The JMnet media portfolio:

1) Newspapers
    JoongAng Ilbo, JoongAng Sunday, Ilgan Sports, JoongAng Daily, My Apple News, The Korea Daily

2) Broadcasting
    Q Channel, History Channel, J Golf, Cartoon Network, Ch. Joins

3) Internet,,

4) Magazines
    - Current Affairs : Monthly JoongAng, Economist, Forbes, Newsweek
    - Women, Life : Women’s JoongAng, Lemon Tree, Ceci, Heren, Sure, InStyle, Cosmopolitan
    - Specialized : Friday, Movieweek, Funni, NB

5) Publishing House : JoongAng Books

6) Education and Cultural Enterprise
    NIE(Newspaper In Education), JoongAng Arts Contest, JoongAng Music Competition, Daejong Film Festival,
    Yumin Memorial Lecture, J-Global Forum, Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum

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